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Casting Development and Supply

MCPL produces alloyed grey cast iron castings up to 50kg per piece using 100% shell mould and core process catering customers' demands for high quality castings with close tolerances and accurate shapes. MCPL is mainly specialized in pressure tight thin-walled castings like cylinder heads, hydraulic valves, Lub-oil pumps, gear box housing etc.

MCPL utilizes the shell-moulding process to manufacture its moulds and cores. Shell moulding is a process for producing simple or complex near net shape castings, maintaining tight tolerances and a high degree of dimensional stability. Shell moulding is a method for making high quality castings. These qualities of precision can be obtained in a wider range of alloys and with greater flexibility in design than die-casting and at a lower cost than investment casting. Overall, the shell-moulding process provides customers with the best quality castings and the lowest total cost solution.

The shell-mould process at MCPL offers the following advantages :

  • Near-net shape casting
  • Excellent casting surface finish and definition
  • Improved dimensional tolerances
  • Improved micro-structure of metal
  • Enhanced machinability
  • Lower machining allowances
The shell-moulding process was chosen by MCPL as being the best process to manufacture thin walled castings. Using the shell-mould process and MCPL's unique operational capabilities and expertise, it is possible to produce enhanced material specifications compared with other processes.